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Coconut Products


We are one of leading manufacturer and exporter of fresh matured husked and semi husked coconut from India. Coconut is natural product used for cooking. The dry coconuts are used for extracting Oil. Many people use it as cultural and religious significance too. Consumption of coconut has huge health benefits like high protein content, destroy intestinal parasites, good for kidney and urinary bladder, etc.,

Desiccated Coconut Powder

Desiccated coconut powder is obtained by drying ground or shredded coconut kernel after the removal of brown testa.It finds extensive use in confectioneries,puddings and many other food preparations as a substitute to raw grated coconut.Natural coconut fat in the diet leads to a normalization of body lipids, protects against alcohol damage to the liver, and improves the immune system’s anti-inflammatory response.


We offer vast range of cocopeat which is 100% natural and does not include any harmful chemicals. Coco peat is also known as coir pith, coir fibre pith, coir dust. It is made from coconut husks which are used in agro industries. Cocopeat is mainly used as water storage media for plantation. Its easy to store, handle and use. Coir Fibre Pith as a growing medium for professional greenhouse growers and intensive agriculture.

Coconut Fibre

Coconut Coir Fiber is extracted from the fibrous outer cover of the fruit of the Coconut Plant. They are white or light brown in color. Coir Fiber is baled with the assistance of plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility. Coir fibre is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Coir bristle fibre can also be bleached and dyed to obtain hanks of different colours.

Grow Bag

A growbag is a large plastic bag filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants. The growing medium is usually based on a soilless organic material such as peat, coir, composted green waste, composted bark or composted wood chips, or a mixture of these. Various nutrients are added, sufficient for one season’s growing, so frequently only planting and watering are required of the end-user.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon presently has a wide range of applications in air, gas and liquid purification and precious metal recovery. It is also widely used in solvent recovery, waste treatment, gold recovery from ore, automobile cabin air filters, automobile vapor recovery canisters, military/industrial gas masks, high purity water for the electronics industry, medical applications, cigarette filters and pharmaceutical industry.


Shell Charcoal is an important product obtained from coconut shell. Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel. It is also used by blacksmiths and goldsmiths and in laundries. Shell Charcoal is also used to produce activated carbon. The shell charcoal is manufactured by burning shells of fully matured nuts in limited supply of air sufficient only for carbonization , but not for complete destruction.